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Roids is a game about resource extraction and survival in space. Keep your colony ship functional as you explore the galaxy and encounter aliens, artifacts, and more!
a blue, one-man mining spaceship

Work with your friends to find rich resources across the galaxy! Find derelict alien satellites, warp-gates and more!


Mine asteroids, siphon gas from nebulae and gas giants, collect rare reagents from space-dwelling organisms!


Guide humanity's last colony ship through a unique and rich galaxy after the earth is destroyed by a gamma ray burst. Try to eke enough matter from the cosmos to keep the guttering flame of humanity alight for one last jaunt into the dark.


Assemble a fleet and try to adapt to the darkness of space with your friends via Steam Remote Play.

Build and upgrade your fleet with new tools and technology while braving the hazards of space

a blue, one-man mining spaceship

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Early Access?

We believe that the best games are a result of a collaborative, iterative process with the playerbase. We want to receive feedback as we build the game to achieve the best outcome. Roids is a passion project, we're committed to providing ongoing support and development for years to come. We want it to be the best game that we can make it -- having an involved community during development is something we believe is critical to our success!

Approximately How long will this game be in early access?

12-24 Months

What engine is Roids written in?

We're very proud to say that we use Bevy !

Bevy is A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust that pledges to be Free and Open Source Forever!

What will the full version of the game include?

For the full version we plan to have a full galactic map to explore filled with alien artifacts, data caches, upgradeable and expandable fleet, and buildable infrastructure to assist with resource extraction.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Our core mining experience is present, as well as our free play / time trial / and versus modes with local co-op or Steam Remote Play. There are two playable ships a Mining Ship and a Cargo Ship with their own unique abilities. Players can switch freely between ships.

Will the price increase after Early Access?

Yes, we will likely increase the price for our 1.0 version.

Will the game ever go on sale?

We do not plan to put the game on sale at any point. We will price Roids fairly according to it's currently playable feature set

How do you plan to involve the community in the development process?

Join our Discord Server! We have channels for testing and gameplay feedback, and have regular announcements for our releases. We'll read every comment / post and do our best to give thoughtful responses. We don't have community managers, we want there to be as few barriers as possible between the players and the people directly involved in making the game. If you have any feedback for us on the design of the game we're committed to working together with you to make the best game we can.

The Crew

The Creator

San Antonio based, prior to Roids was a principal engineer working with Enterprise Java/React. Rust/Bevy enthusiast, began making Roids to afford the kind of life his dog deserves. Likes to do funny things to rocks in space.


French developer who likes strong typing, databases, science trivia, and thinking a lot about how games are made. She joined the Crew August 2023, hoping to help make a fun experience that people will remember!

Concept Artist


3D Artist



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